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Meet the app that gives you the tools, inspiration, and support you need to become a better investor.

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Investing built for
a better future.

Whether you're starting with $10 or $10M,
we're here to help you earn more money.

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    Get started with as little as $10 and use our top-rated mobile app to invest on the go.

  • Gears with a callout that shows that you have a recurring deposit set to deposit $100 per 2 weeks


    We put the robots to work for you, with automated tools and strategies that help unlock your money’s potential.

  • A compass with a callout that shows that you can control your risk tolerance


    Customize your account, either as hands on as you want, or with our guidance along the way.

Investing is the key to building wealth.

Slide the coin and see how your money can grow over time:

Monthly deposit $200
Typical savings account $72,763
Investing account after 30 years $235,213

Chart is a hypothetical comparison. Investing involves risk of loss and performance is not guaranteed.

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  • Built to make investing easy.

    We'll guide you through portfolio options, risk levels, goal setting, and savings features.

  • Diversified investing.

    Start saving, keep saving, move money, withdraw—anything you need.

  • Transparent pricing.

    Keep things simple with one low, annual fee of 0.25%.

  • Invest with your values.

    Our Socially Responsible Investing helps you make an impact without sacrificing your performance goals.

  • Save on taxes.

    Get automated and optimized tax strategies to help you take home more.

  • Track your finances.

    Connect all outside accounts and manage your financial life in one place.

Be invested.

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  • How does Betterment work?

  • Will I have access to real humans?

  • Is my money safe at Betterment?

  • Who are the experts behind the scenes?

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